Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spray it for Stain Free Leather #Recommendation

Hello there,

couple days ago I received my Fendi Peek a Boo in beautiful mustard leather color ... & my my only concern was " this leather gonna get stained :( " & my friend Ahlam recommended me to use Aldo 's product .. she have been using on her Cartier's white bag & it looks fabulous like new ..

I tried it my self .. it's transparent spray for sued but it works on leather .. it doesn't change the color or texture of the leather LOVE it !!

leather still look the same & color too

used it on my shoes too ..

left pair of shoe have been sprayed .. the one on right still .. no difference

Product Priced approx. 40 AED

1 comment:

Şenorită Faşhioniştă said...

my chanel bag twaa9a5at lan loonha nude =(

wo aba an'9fha bss a5aff ta5tarb lan al leather 6abee3i

a4a asta5damt laha ha4a bynasbha wala ??