Sunday, August 28, 2011

#ILove Carolina Herrera for Gifts

For gifts .. Head directly to the nearest CH store .. Variety of designs n colors .. Great prices too !

Items I took for BD gifts were :

* Boston/ speedy style bag in Navy Blue

* pair of earrings patterned with CH in Gold, Silver & Rose Gold combination " no pictures was wrapped b4 I did :p "

* beautiful necklace with cluster of colored rings to be worn as pendants or add some to ur fingers as stack able rings or place one on each "that's my fav" <3

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

#ILove Butler & Wilson

one of my fav stores in London .. is Butler & Wilson .. located in 20 South Molton Street ..

for those who don't know the brand & never seen anything from it before .. it's not one of those jewelry items that look AMAZING in pictures & awful in real .. they look even better in real ..

quality ... & everything .. they look even more expensive than what they are priced at .. variety of designs & styles ..

they have a vintage collection of dresses AAAHHH-maaazingggg !

You can shop some of the collection online too in their Online Store

Some of the snaps I took

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spray it for Stain Free Leather #Recommendation

Hello there,

couple days ago I received my Fendi Peek a Boo in beautiful mustard leather color ... & my my only concern was " this leather gonna get stained :( " & my friend Ahlam recommended me to use Aldo 's product .. she have been using on her Cartier's white bag & it looks fabulous like new ..

I tried it my self .. it's transparent spray for sued but it works on leather .. it doesn't change the color or texture of the leather LOVE it !!

leather still look the same & color too

used it on my shoes too ..

left pair of shoe have been sprayed .. the one on right still .. no difference

Product Priced approx. 40 AED

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great finds @ Great Price Tag #ILove

those "jalabeyas" were found today @ Al Jeaidi

Price : 95 AED !!

loved the material, pattern & colors " they look better in real than this mobile snap" & looks flattering when u were it .. I snapped both ;p

Sunday, August 21, 2011

#Recommendation : Exfoliate & let that skin shiiiiine

Dear readers,

for us who live in HOT weather & most of us suffering from oily to mixed skin types .. the best thing is to exfoliate dead skin & let that skin breath fresh air ..

My routine is : Once a week

where I take a hot bath & shower .. & I choose Thursday or Friday night .. cause the x day I'll be laying in bed ,, letting my skin rest & keep moisturizing it ..

My basic tools :

I stack my self with them from
The Body Shop

For Face

the best ever .. tried alot .. but this has magical results ,, I got introduced to it lately when I was in London that summer when I passed by the shop & been asked to check n test it n my hand ..
I use it once a week cause peeling skin much will destroy it :/ so don't over do it .. it gave me GREAT results ..
& I use with it 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream for better results ..

For Body

Great result & it has this creamy/oily texture ,, which gives good results on the skin leaving it soft & moisturized !

TDF flap Bag that #ILove

Spotted @ Sauce - Dubai Mall

it have been growing on me since I saw in in the weekend ,, might get it I guess -_-

Friday, August 19, 2011

#Recommendation : Maxfactor False Lash Effect

Hello there,

so am back to blog again .. so a little make over & more interesting posts hopefully !

I would recommend you ladies to ditch all your mascaras & get the Maxfactor False Lash Effect

the effect is magical .. longer & thicker lashes .. you can see the effect directly .. been getting compliments on my lashes since the 1st day I used them .. daily day use or evenings for gatherings & parties .. depending on how many coats you apply & your make up ..

Price in UAE : 60 AED