Sunday, August 21, 2011

#Recommendation : Exfoliate & let that skin shiiiiine

Dear readers,

for us who live in HOT weather & most of us suffering from oily to mixed skin types .. the best thing is to exfoliate dead skin & let that skin breath fresh air ..

My routine is : Once a week

where I take a hot bath & shower .. & I choose Thursday or Friday night .. cause the x day I'll be laying in bed ,, letting my skin rest & keep moisturizing it ..

My basic tools :

I stack my self with them from
The Body Shop

For Face

the best ever .. tried alot .. but this has magical results ,, I got introduced to it lately when I was in London that summer when I passed by the shop & been asked to check n test it n my hand ..
I use it once a week cause peeling skin much will destroy it :/ so don't over do it .. it gave me GREAT results ..
& I use with it 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream for better results ..

For Body

Great result & it has this creamy/oily texture ,, which gives good results on the skin leaving it soft & moisturized !

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